Hi, my name is Nito Ferri.

I help people, Professionals, and Businesses grow Online and Earn without any deception from the power of the Web alone. This is made possible thanks to an immense passion for Freedom combined with experience as a Web Marketer, Business Coach, and Digital Entrepreneur (visit my site dedicated to Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurs here) but most of all through the methods of SBS: Super Brain Simplified (which I’ve christened so to abbreviate a breathtaking wonder: it’s about our Super Brain and what it can do for You in a very short time, but we’ll talk about that later).
Like on a Star. Or rather, an Exo-Star

Would you like to join me on the world’s first Free Progressive and Unified Entrepreneurial Growth Path: hyper-simple, hyper-scalable, and, first and foremost, hyper-profitable like few others? All guaranteed, tested, and exciting as a never-before-seen space journey? All designed for you starting out?

Take a look at this excerpt of the path (recommended from the bottom of my heart to do it entirely) or view only the steps that interest you or excite you the most or those that eventually you feel like facing at this time. They have all related anyway.
I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them.
Have you checked your heart rate since you’ve been on this site?


I call it the “Eso Effect”

  • Instant mental improvement (simplified NASA training)
  • Progressive physical improvement (simplified astronautic-derived training)
  • Rapid improvement on the relationship with food (NASA dynamics)
  • Entrepreneurial skills to grow and earn on the Web without deception (Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurs experience – visit website)
  • Mindset, fitness, diet, Web skills taken to the highest levels of result/profit (NASA dynamic, Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurs dynamic)
  • Unification to the excellence of the first 5 steps above with an Astronaut Mindset No Limits (Become an Exonaut)
  • Achieve Excellence at the Entrepreneurial/Technological/Social level and leave the imprint of our passions and skills in an absolutely valuable and rewarding Community.

Completely free, super easy, affordable, and with unimaginable, fast, and valuable results.
This is my experience and that of my Team and I want to share it with those who have the same Vision of Freedom.


Discover it in my Bio, on the pages of the site!


Super Brain? Freedom? Distant Stars?

But where did I end up?

Esostella is a special Community that focuses on human and entrepreneurial excellence with a view to an alternative and compelling future for everyone.

We had a vision. We jotted down patterns on paper and realized the unrealizable.

When a Startup is born, there are many emotions that are felt. The initiative is always the primary engine that transforms the idea into action.


This course is designed for you who have landed here for the first time and are viewing this singular set of notions aimed at one purpose.


To bring you to mental, physical, and financial excellence in the shortest possible time, with the least possible effort, at no cost to you and with the knowledge that if you reach just one micro-step into the future, as we have imagined it for you, we will have achieved the most important and impressive goal of the human sphere: to transform the impossible into the possible.

This is our Target.


But you haven’t seen anything yet. Tighten your helmet, inhale, and pat yourself on the back.

  • You are the center, we are the star frame
  • You win freedom, we follow you and share your successes
  • You are unique, we shout it to the Milky Way
  • You are part of the crew now


From Vision to Project (Spatial).

  • An exciting and free path
  • Every Step is a planet to land on
  • Every victory must be brought home
  • Community is the true value to be relied upon

Who are the Exonauts of Esostella?

Our story begins with/as a movie.

  • Every Step is Easy
  • Every Goal is shared and reinforces others
  • All tools are within everyone’s reach
  • The Community focuses on sharing value and the concept of an alternative future
  • You will discover worlds that not even the best astronauts know about


We have the world’s first free guided pathway to entrepreneurial, Mindset, physical and mental excellence achieved with the simplest of theses.


You’ll find out from your very first moonwalk with us.