What we do is create totalizing, sanitizing, and alternative Businesses. What we write and design is given by creativity combined with the presumption of unlimited freedom and a life full of stratospheric insights.

The Esostella Project was born from a team of digital entrepreneurs of today’s Net who have given themselves a boost.

The Super Brain, Nito Ferri, already the author of topics on Digital Marketing, applied Digital Entrepreneurship, and on the most modern techniques of personal freedom, has conceived the root of the Esostella Project taking inspiration from the most compelling and performing Communities on the Web, extracting the most incisive Mantra to allow anyone to achieve unimaginable results.

Here you can find Nito’s Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurs Blog and discover what mentality lies behind the futuristic project of Esostella.

Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurs

Esostella is a journey.

Just like on a spaceship headed to an unknown exo-planet.

The language of this Website is “astronomically astronomical”, in the sense that its language often turns towards a lexicon aimed at the mysteries and miracles of the cosmos (as an empowering part of the reader’s own growth process).

The colors blue/violet/fuchsia/celeste is the fulcrum of Esostella’s chromatic scale, accomplices the inspirations of the polar boreal auroras, which end up “perfuming” the reading of the Blog with an unequaled metaphysical beauty.

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